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6 Kids Poisoned In Ekwulumili, Anambra (Photos): Father Seeks Assistance

Apostle Chukwuma Oramalu of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, a.k.a Olumba Olumba, father of the six siblings who died mysteriously on July 16, 2016 of suspected poisoned food at Ekwulumili in Nnewi South Local Government Area of Anambra State, has cried out to the federal government to fulfil its pledge of assisting him to enable him to rebuild his shattered life.

Oramalu, who has also begged good spirited individuals and groups to assist him financially, is demanding for the immediate arrest of the former President General (PG) of Ekwulumili, Chief Ugo Ewelaku, for refusing to make public the findings on the cause of death of his six children after the community had concluded investigation and submitted its reports.

While making the appeal for financial assistance and arrest of the PG during the one-year memorial service for the deceased kids, Oramalu declared that he had committed his dead children to God for revenge on anybody who was behind the dastardly act.

“I am yet to get out of the shock, I don’t know if it will ever be possible because every minute of the day, I remember them and become helpless,” he confessed.

On his financial predicament and failure to rebuild his life one year after, Oramalu explained that he feels abandoned by the society.

“Presently, I have no work to do and I always feel rejected and abandoned, the state Governor, Willie Obiano, did me well by sponsoring the burial of the children but like Oliver Twist, I need some more to keep on moving. During the burial the Federal Government pledged to come to the rescue of the family, but I am yet to see them since; to feed now is hard for me,” he said.

He insisted that his children died after eating steamed flour mill (amala) and not poisoned Jollof rice and beans contaminated with chemical preservative as claimed by the police in their report.

He accused the PG of foul play in the fake report.  “The then president General, Ugo Ewelaku, who started the move to find out the cause of death through native (unorthodox) means later shelved the idea and the community went and did that by themselves and presented the report to him to announce openly but he did not, so I want him arrested to show the cause,” he pleaded.

Ewelaku, it would be recalled, told newsmen during the burial of the six children that as a Christian he has nothing to do with finding their cause of death through the native way.

Oramalu said that he doesn’t want to trace the root cause of the death to diabolical means. “We organised prayers on 2nd of November for them (the dead) as a Christian that is the only one I can do and if you say you are looking for the cause of their death through native way count me out. I don’t go to native doctors and when Olumba Olumba wanted to hold prayers here, I told them to leave because they were not save from the Ekwulumili youths who were poised for a show down with anybody over the sudden death of the kids.”

In his sermon during the memorial service weekend, Pastor Christopher Ifeonu of Olumba Olumba, stressed that God knew whatever thing that happened.

“The evil that you commit will follow you because God created us and all creatures as His. We should see the death of the six siblings as a lesson and prepare that death can come as a thief as the kids had no premonition that death was knocking on the door when they returned from school and ate the food.”



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